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Creative Process - Communication - Gif


Creating an engaging visual story is not an easy task, before diving into production we need to come up with ideas and possible stories for our video. Therefore, only through a communicative creative experience can we create the perfect video.

Throughout this process, I will be constantly listening to you and working with you, to achieve a better understanding of your goals and brand.

Creative Process - Strategize - Gif


We've figured out the goal that we want to achieve. Now the fun begins, we hunker down and start brainstorming and developing a strategy.

I will be walking you through this step-by-step process that ensures the story stays consistent with the overall goal. Think of this as developing the creative map to our visual story (It is always easier to get to our destination with a map).


Creative Process - Create - Gif


Now, we get our hands dirty. This is when the magic happens (filming | motion design | editing ). While I assemble the visual story, you are still right there along side with me throughout the process. Through this collaborative journey we can truly tell an inspiring story.